donderdag 28 augustus 2014

Fairport Convention - Bouton Rouge Sessions (April 27, 1968)

                 1. Morning Glory - 2. Time Will Show The Wiser - 3. Reno, Nevada
 Great  performance  is from the French TV Show "Bouton Rouge". It was broadcast live on 27 April 1968 and features the original Fairport Line up of Judy Dyble, Iain Matthews, Simon Nicol, Tyger Hutchings, Richard Thompson, and the late Martin Lamble playing Morning Glory, Time Will Show The Wiser and a simply awe-inspiring mind-melting performance of Reno, Nevada.

 After this performance they signed with Island Records, Judy Dyble left the band to be replaced by Sandy Denny and they went off to reinvent British folk rock.

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