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dinsdag 15 januari 2013

Nikki Hill

Het blijf altijd verwonderlijk en spannend dat er in het gigantisch aanbod Blues en Rockabilly artiesten er toch weer zijn die zich weten te onderscheiden.Dit lijkt me er ook weer zo een,ik kwam haar tegen op het mooie weblog Deep Blues Een opvallende verschijning ,deze dame,behoorlijk swingend,prima stem en ook nog eens begeleid door een uitstekende band.Het eerste album schijnt er aan te komen en ook had ze het over optredens in Europa.Van mij mag het ,dus organisitoren van de div. bluesclubs en festivals,grijp jullie kans,een geslaagde avond,getuige de beelden verzekerd!

 Years before singer Nikki Hill began performing, she wanted to create a persona for herself. This involved combining sources that wouldn't seem to fit together.
Hill, now 27, revisits the blues and rockabilly shouters of the 1950s, and her approach also echoes the phrasing of lesser-known, somewhat smoother soul singers such as Barbara Lynn. All of that comes from Hill's own research. Her poise goes back to childhood church experience in North Carolina. But while blues, R&B and gospel have always been intertwined, she was also a teenage punk rocker
Keep Your Hands Off My Man

 Those who have seen Nikki Hill sing her ass off agree—this isn’t just another newcomer on the scene, this is a ‘whiplash’ moment. Where did this fireball come from? Why haven’t I heard of her before? If you haven’t heard of Nikki Hill yet, you soon will, and once you see her perform, you won’t forget her.

I Got A Man

 Hill draws on vintage female rhythm and blues influences such as LaVern Baker, Etta James and Ruth Brown, as well as some of her favorite male singers Otis Redding and Solomon Burke, without being stuck or pigeonholed strictly as a ‘retro’ artist. Her tough vocal style fits with contemporary sensibilities yet evokes all the great blues shouters of previous decades. With the success of similar artists such as Amy Winehouse or Imelda May,

Ooh,my soul!

  Hill is poised to blaze her own trail in their wake.
Hailing from Durham, North Carolina, Nikki comes by her Deep South soul honestly. Her musical roots began while singing in gospel choirs at church. A stint living in nearby college town Chapel Hill introduced her to many different styles of music and the awareness of music (and more importantly, unique and non-mainstream music) as a possible career. After pairing up with her guitar-playing husband Matt Hill, they promptly relocated to St. Louis, Missouri, where they have established themselves as roots rock, rhythm and blues powerhouses!

Voo Doo,VooDoo

Recently creating a whirlwind of excitement following her performances at the Viva Las Vegas festival (the largest roots music festival in the United States), Nikki Hill is currently anticipating the release of her first recording. Following the release of her debut effort, Hill plans to extensively tour the United States and Europe for the remainder of 2012 and well into 2013, spreading her message of down-home dirty R&B to believers and new converts everywhere.

Dont Cry Anymore