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dinsdag 11 februari 2014

Ry Cooder - If Walls Could Talk (1974)

We zijn er weer.Nog een beetje aan het revalideren van mijn hand/pols operatie toch maar weer een poging om een berichtje te posten. Ry Cooder,een van mijn alltime favorieten tijdenss een opnames sessie in The Record Plant Sausalito ,California 7juli 1974

If Walls Could Talk

 Met Russ Titelman op bass,Milt Holland -percusson,Jim Keltner- drums,Gene Mumford,Bobby King,Cliff Givens - vocals,

zondag 9 februari 2014

The Water Is Wide (Trad.)

"The Water Is Wide" (ook wel "O Waly, Waly" genoemd) is Engels/Schots of Ierse folksong dat al vanaf 1600 gezongen word .Het is tot op de dag van vandaag een zeer populair lied.en vele artiesten hebben het op hun repetoire staan.
Hieronder een paar mooie uitvoeringen.

James Taylor
JT & Boston Pops 1993
Symphony Hall, Boston, MA Conducted by John Williams

Mark Hanson
Fingerstyle acoustic guitar instrumental van deze Grammy winner

A Celebration of Women in Music
Indigo Girls,Jewel,en Sarah Mclachian

Dusty Springfield
Prachtige versie van Dusty Springfield uit haar tv show van15 Augustus 1967

Join Stephen Bennett, Gregg Miner, John Doan, Andy Wahlberg, Andy McKee, en nog meer harp guitar spelers uit de hele wereld in de grote finale van het harp Gitaar concert op27 oktober 2007 .

The water is wide, I cannot get o'er
And neither have I wings to fly.
O go and get me some little boat,
To carry o'er my true love and I.

A-down in the meadows the other day
A-gath'ring flow'rs both fine and gay
A-gath'ring flowers, both red and blue,
I little thought what love could do.

I put my hand into one soft bush,
Thinking the sweetest flow'r to find.
I prick'd my finger to the bone
And left the sweetest flow'r alone.

I lean'd my back up against some oak,
Thinking it was a trusty tree.
But first he bended then he broke,
So did my love prove false to me.

Where love is planted, O there it grows,
It buds and blossoms like some rose;
It has a sweet and pleasant smell,
No flow'r on earth can it excel.

Must I be bound, O and she go free!
Must I love one thing that does not love me!
Why should I act such a childish part,
And love a girl that will break my heart.

There is a ship sailing on the sea,
She's loaded deep as deep can be,
But not so deep as in love I am;
I care not if I sink or swim.

O love is handsome and love is fine,
And love is charming when it is true;
As it grows older it groweth colder
And fades away like the morning dew.

Alternate end

The water is wide, I cannot get over,
There's no true love, at least not for me,
My love was untrue but I can't complain,
Some day I hope to love again.