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dinsdag 27 november 2018

Songs From The Heart (P4) - Jan Francois & Band .(De Spot 16 nov.2018)

                                               Thema Woede/Wraak/Hoop

Voorgaande SFTH avonden kwamen er altijd namen voorbij als Bob Dylan ,Ry Cooder JJ.Cale,Beatles e.a songs van deze artiesten   gebracht door muzikanten uit Zeeland. Maar ook buiten de provincie gaven diverse zangers,zangeressen en groepen "acte de precence". Dit jaar is voor een andere opzet gekozen,zeven avonden met met als thema de zeven hoofdzonden gecombineerd de zeven deugden. Atijd spannend welke nummers er voorbij zouden komen ,gebracht door welke artiesten.De eerste avond was erg mooi ,genoten van de eerst tot de laatste minuut.

Ik dacht dat ik toch redelijk op de hoogte was van de stand van zaken in de Zeeuwse muziekscene.En toch werd ik ook op deze SFTH avond weer aangenaam verrast door een zanger Jan Francois die samen met een uitstekende band enkele prachtige Jackson Brown songs vertolkte.  En weer maar eens een bewijs  van het vele muzikale talent in Zeeland

De mooie registratie  is van Jaap van Visvliet.

The Pretender - Jackson Brown  Deze song komt van het gelijknamige album The Pretender

Jackson Brownn :
"it's not me exactly, although sometimes people applaud for me at that moment in the song as if I am, but in truth there is a bit of The Pretender in me, but it's anybody that's sort of lost sight of some of their dreams...and is going through the motions and trying to make a stab at a certain way of life that he sees other people succeeding at. So maybe it's a lot of people of a certain generation who sort of embraced a very material lifestyle in place of dreams that they had that sort of disintegrated at some point."

Before The Deluge  - Jackson Brown album Late For The Sky

Mooie uitvoering van een van mijn favoriete JB songs!

De band:  Jan Francois, Anne-Marie vd Anne-Marie van der Vliet Henriette Heijboer, Peter Wessel, Peter Westerhuis,Ad Osté,André André Moehijam en Rob van Deemter


zondag 25 november 2018

John Hiatt - The Eclipse Sessions, Recorded Live - Paste Studios - New York, NY


“It kind of came together in a serendipitous fashion,” Hiatt says of his 23rd studio album, recorded during 2017 solar eclipse ,

Aces up Your Sleeve

 Hiatt recorded the album in Nashville over the course of just a few days in the summer of 2017, which happened to include the full solar eclipse that took place on August 21st. Never one to ignore the good fortune of a successful recording session, Hiatt titled the album after the otherworldly natural wonder.

Cry To Me

 Though Hiatt knew it was nearing time to release new material, he didn’t feel rushed, and went into the recording session with an open mind and a blank notebook. “It kind of came together in a serendipitous fashion,” he tells Rolling Stone Country. “It took me a little bit of time to get to this one. We actually recorded it last summer [2017]. But the way it happened, I was not sure what kind of recording I wanted to do, to be honest with you. I was thinking about doing a solo record, just me and acoustic guitar. So I didn’t really have a plan, in other words.”

All The Way To The River

“It was the day after my birthday, just coincidentally,” he says. “I hate naming records and never know what to call them, so I thought, ‘Oh, The Eclipse Sessions. That’ll work.’ But it seemed to fit the mood.”

Hiatt was joined in the studio by longtime drummer Kenneth Blevins and bassist Patrick O’Hearn, the three shooting for a stripped-down trio sound that would accentuate Hiatt’s vocals and distinct style of guitar playing. They recorded the album at the home recording studio of Kevin McKendree, with an engineering assist from McKendree’s musical whiz-kid son Yates. By the time the group finished a batch of 15 songs, Hiatt knew he had a new album on his hands.

 “They just started sounding so good,” he says. “I felt like we’d made some really good music. The songs started hanging together. That’s when you start to feel like it might be worth other folks hearing, like you’ve got something that can connect with people. People used to ask Guy Clark, ‘When do you feel like it’s time to make a record?’ And he’d say, ‘Well, it’s when you feel like you have 10 good songs.’ So it’s kind of like that. You go in and you start recording, and when they start falling in place and hanging together, it starts to sound like a record.
 By BRITTNEY MCKENNA - Rolling Stone Count