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vrijdag 3 december 2010

Emmylou Harris ,,Roses in the Snow,,

OK Elsa,nog een ,,Snowsong,, voorlopig de laatste want morgen gaat het dooien.

Emmylou Harris & The Nash Ramblers -Roses in the Snow
Emmylou Harris op haar best,samen met die geweldige Nash Ramblers.
Het gelijknamige album is ook het beluisteren meer dan waard!

I met my darlin' in the springtime
When all the flowers were in bloom
And like the flowers our love blossomed
We married in the month of June

Our love was like a burning ember
It warmed us as a golden glow
We had sunshine in December
And threw our roses in the snow

Now God has taken my darlin'
And left me with a memory
A memory I will always cherish
Are these last words he said to me

Our love was like a burning ember
It warmed us as a golden glow
We had sunshine in December
And threw our roses in the snow

My darlin's buried on the hillside
Where all the wild spring flowers grow
And when winter snows start fallin'
On his grave I'll place a rose

Our love was like a burning ember
It warmed us as cold winds blow
We had sunshine in December
And threw our roses in the snow

donderdag 2 december 2010

Townes & Blaze - Snowin in Raton

Al die sneeuw werk inspirerend ,na het Snow in Aselmo van Van Morrison een andere mooie"Snowsong"Deze keer een van die andere geweldige singer/songwriter Townes van Zandt samen met Blaze Foley

Townes & Blaze Snowin on Raton

by Townes Van Zandt

When the wind don't blow in Amarillo
and the moon along the Gunnison don't rise
shall I cast my dreams upon your love, babe
and lie beneath the laughter of your eyes

It's snowin' on Raton
come morning I'll be through them hills and gone

mother thinks the road is long and lonely
little brother thinks the road is straight and fine
little darling thinks the road is soft and lovely
I'm thankful that old road is a friend of mine

Bid the years good-bye you cannot still them
you cannot turn the circles of the sun
you cannot count the miles until you feel them
and you cannot hold a lover that is gone

Tomorrow the mountains will be sleeping
Silently the blanket green and blue
all that I shall hear the silence they are keeping
I'll bring all their promises to you

Townes Van Zandt (7 maart 1944, Fort Worth, Texas - 1 januari 1997, Smyrna, Tennessee) was een folksinger-songwriter en dichter.

Blaze Foley (born December 18, 1949 in Malvern, Arkansas; died February 1, 1989 in Austin, Texas) was an American singer-songwriter.

More Townes Van Zandt op Arthur,s Musical Journey

maandag 29 november 2010

Van Morrison - Snow in San Aselmo

Snow in San Aselmo van het album Hard Noise The Highway
29 July 1974 in The Orphanage,
Big Hand For The Band! Mario Cipolinna-Bass,John Colla-AltoSax,John Farey-Keyboards,Brian Hogan-TenorSax,Bill Gibson-Drums,Dennis Langevin-Guitar

De prachtige en zeer verrassende opener van het een in mijn ogen beetje ondergewaardeerd Van Morrison album ,,Hard Nose The Highway,,.Van vertelde over deze song, "Just a sketch on when it snowed in San Anselmo. It's about the images that were happening when it was snowing there for the first time in thirty years."

Live is het nummer slecht 13 keer uitgevoerd ,voor het eerst op 11 Maart 1973 in het Memorial Auditorium,Marin California ,de laatste keer op 26 Januari 2002 in de Butterworth Hall in Coventry.(info Gunther Becker,zie link)
Het is ,zeker deze tijd van het jaar ,een van mijn favoriete Van Morrison nummers.

(Van Morrison)
Snow in San Anselmo
The deer cross by the lights
The mission down in old San Rafael
A madman looking for a fight
A madman looking for a fight

The massage parlor's open
The clientele come and they go
The classic music station
Plays in the background soft and low
Plays in the background soft and low

The silence round the cascades
The ice crisp and clear
The beginning of the opera
Seem to suddenly appear
Seem to suddenly appear

The pancake house is always crowded
Open 24 hours of every day
And if you suffer from insomnia
You can speed your time away
You can speed your time away

Snow in San Anselmo
My waitress my waitress my waitress
Said it was coming down
Said it hadn't happened in over 30 years
But it was laying on the ground
But it was laying on the ground

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