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vrijdag 10 september 2010

Rory Gallagher Acoustic !

Rory Gallagher (Ballyshannon, 2 maart 1948 – Londen, 14 juni 1995)

Rory Gallagher at the FR3-TV Lambersart Studio, Lille, France

Out on the Western Plane

All Around Man

Nothing but the Devil

Saturday....it,s Bluestime!!

Mooi dagje voor de Blues deze zaterdag.Vanmiddag naar het altijd gezellige Oostburg voor een leuk Bluesfestivalletje ,en voor een weerzien met een paar oude bekenden waaronder o.a Danny Bryant,Alan Nimmo(King,King/Nimmo Brothers),zij staan garant voor een puik stukje(blues) muziek en door de andere, mij onbekende bands laat ik me verrassen.

Om er alvast in te komen de man die zeer waarschijnlijk een inspiratiebron voor bovenstaande bands is geweest

Muddy Waters Got My Mojo Working (Los Angeles 1973)mooi filmpje Jaap&Gerrit!

Muddy Waters, pseudoniem van McKinley Morganfield (Issaquena County (Mississippi), 4 april 1913 - Westmont (Illinois), 30 april 1983) was een Amerikaanse blueszanger, een waardig opvolger in de blues-muziek van zijn voorgangers Son House, Willie Brown, en Robert Johnson. In Rolling Stone's lijst van "the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time" (de 100 beste artiesten aller tijden) staat Waters op nummer

donderdag 9 september 2010

Neil Young & The Restless - Eldorado

Eldorado is an EP released only in Japan and Australia by Neil Young backed by The Restless, which consisted of Chad Cromwell and Rick Rosas.
It contains different mixes of three songs that subsequently appeared on Young's 1989 album Freedom, "Don't Cry," "On Broadway," and "Eldorado," and two tracks not available on any other recording, "Cocaine Eyes" and "Heavy Love."
The "Don't Cry" track on Eldorado is longer than the later version published on Freedom, for which some of the more free-form guitar work was edited out (at the insistence of co-producers Niko Bolas and Frank Sampedro).


 Neil Young & The Restless live at the Memorial Hall Kansas City 01-12 1989


In the crystal ball
The gypsy sees the villa
The riders on the hill
The fire in the fields
She sees the mission bell
Swinging in the silence
Now the shooting starts
The bullets pierce the hearts
The seqoritas crying at the well.

Up in the Gold Hotel
The money hits the table
The heavies all are there
That's why the deal's goin' down
Beautiful women all dressed in
Diamonds and sable
Down upon the street
Beside a garbage heap
A Mariachi band begins to play.

Somewhere a blues guitar
Plays echoes in the alleyway
The Tijuana dawn
Claims another day
The golden sun
Rises on the runway
The pilot understands
The money changes hands
Inside the jet
the briefcase snaps. Goodbye.

In Eldorado town
There lives a great bullfighter
His eyes are screaming blue
His hair is red as blood
And when the gate goes up
The crowd gets so excited
And he comes dancin' out
Dressed in gold lami
He kills the bull
and lives another day.