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zaterdag 20 december 2014

Bobby Charles - Tennessee Blues

Bobby Charles, artiestennaam van Robert Charles Guidry (Abbeville, Louisiana, 21 februari 1938 – Louisiana, 14 januari 2010), was een Amerikaans singer-songwriter. Charles groeide op in Louisiana, waar hij in contact kwam met de cajunmuziek. Later begaf hij zich meer op het pad van de rock- en bluesmuziek. Als tiener schreef hij het lied See You Later Alligator. Het nummer werd ingezongen door Bill Haley and His Comets en werd in 1956 een hit in de Verenigde Staten. In 1960 bracht Fats Domino een cover van zijn nummer Walking to New Orleans uit.

Bobby Charles' gelijknamige debuutalbum kwam uit in 1972. Op het album speelden onder meer vier leden van The Band, David Sanborn en Dr. John mee. Nummers als Small town talk en Grow too old werden later door diverse andere artiesten, zoals Paul Butterfield, Rick Danko en Yvonne Elliman op de plaat gezet.

donderdag 18 december 2014

Bob Dylan - Isis ( Clearwater 22 April 1976)

  This video is from a rejected TV special that was shot at the Starlight Ballroom of the Biltmore hotel in Clearwater, Florida on April 22, 1976 during Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Review tour.

 "Isis" is the second track on the Bob Dylan album Desire. It was written by Bob Dylan in collaboration with Jacques Levy.


  • Bob Dylan (guitar & vocal)
  • Scarlet Rivera (violin)
  • T-bone J. Henry Burnette (guitar & piano)
  • Steven Soles (guitar)
  • Mick Ronson (guitar)
  • Bobby Neuwirth (guitar & vocal)
  • Roger McGuinn (guitar & vocal)
  • David Mansfield (steel guitar, mandolin, violin & dobro)
  • Rob Stoner (bass)
  • Howie Wyeth (drums)
  • Gary Burke (percussion)


I married Isis on the fifth day of May
But I could not hold on to her very long
So I cut off my hair and I rode straight away
For the wild unknown country where I could not go wrong.

I came to a high place of darkness and light
The dividing line ran through the center of town
I hitched up my pony to a post on the right
Went in to a laundry to wash my clothes down.

A man in the corner approached me for a match
I knew right away he was not ordinary
He said "Are you looking for something easy to catch ?"
I said "I got no money". He said "That ain't necessary".

We set out that night for the cold in the North
I gave him my blanket he gave me his word
I said "Where are we going ?" He said "We'd be back by the fourth"
I said "That's the best new that I've ever heard".

I was thinking about turquoise I was thinking about gold
I was thinking about diamonds and the world's biggest necklace
As we rode through the canyons through the devilish cold
I was thinking about Isis how she thought I was so reckless.

How she told me that one day we meet up again
And things would be different the next time we wed
If I only could hang on and just be her friend
I still can't remember all the best things she said.

We came to the pyramids all embedded in ice
He said "There's a body I'm trying to find
If I carry it out it'll bring a good prize"
It was then that I knew what he had on his mind.

The wind it was howling and the snow was outrageous
We chopped through the night and we chopped through the dawn
When he died I was hoping that it wasn't contagious
But I made up my mind that I had to go on.
I broke into the tomb but the casket was empty
There was no jewels no nothing I felt I'd been had
When I saw that my partner was just being friendly
When I took up his offer I must-a been mad.

I picked up his body and I dragged him inside
Threw him down in the hole and I put back the cover
I said a quick prayer and I felt satisfied
Then I rode back to find Isis just to tell her I love her.

She was there in the meadow where the creek used to rise
Blinded by sleep and in need of a bed
I came in from the East with the sun in my eyes
I cursed her one time then I rode on ahead.

She said "Where ya been ?" I said "No place special ?"
She said "You look different" I said "Well I guess"
She said "You been gone" I said "That's only natural"
She said "You gonna stay ?" I said "If you want me to, Yeah ".

Isis oh Isis you mystical child
What drives me to you is what drives me insane
I still can remember the way that you smiled
On the fifth day of May in the drizzling rain.



Happy Birthday Keith Richards (Dartford 18 Dec.1943)

maandag 15 december 2014

Santana - Abraxas (1970)

Abraxas is the second studio album by latin rock band Santana. Consolidating the interest generated by their first album, Santana (released in May 1969), and their highly acclaimed live performance at the Woodstock Festival in August 1969, the band followed-up with Abraxas in September 1970. The album's mix of rock, blues, jazz, salsa and other influences was very well received, showing a musical maturation from their first album and refining the band's early sound.

Incident at Neshabur (Tangelwood 18 Augustus 1970)

Carlos Santana - leadguitat/voals,Gregg Rolie - keyboards/vocals,David Brown  - bass,Michael Shrieve - drums,Jose ""Chepito"Areas - percussion/conga,s/timbales,Mike Carabello - percussion/conga,s

Black Magic Woman   (Peter Green )