dinsdag 21 november 2017

Eric Burdon & The New Animals - Paint It Black/Monterey

                                                                     ERIC BURDON
                                                                       Vic Briggs
                         Danny McCulloch (bass) - Barry Jenkins (drums)- John Weider (guitar/violin)

   Paint It Black

"Paint It Black" (originally released as "Paint It, Black") is a song by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, and first released as a single on 6 May 1966. It was later included as the opening track to the US version of their 1966 album, Aftermath.

 Eric Burdon covered it on the 1967 Eric Burdon & The Animals debut album, Winds of Change.


Eric Burdon and the Animals performed at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival at the peak of the Summer of Love; they followed Johnny Rivers onstage and were introduced by Chet Helms. In his book, Monterey Pop, Joel Selvin wrote that, at the festival, "Burdon did nothing short of reinvent himself in front of the audience."

 The song "Monterey" was subsequently written in tribute to the group's experiences at the festival, and proved to be one of the new band's biggest hits. The lyrics describe the atmosphere of the festival and some of the notable musicians who played, including The Byrds, Jefferson Airplane, Ravi Shankar, The Who, Hugh Masekela, The Grateful Dead, and Jimi Hendrix, as "young gods" with music "born of love" and "religion was being born." The band described a scene at which "children danced night and day", and "even the cops grooved with us." "His Majesty Prince Jones" referred to Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones, who was an MC at the event. Before the ending of the song, Burdon quoted the Byrds song "Renaissance Fair": "I think that Maybe I'm Dreamin'".

zaterdag 18 november 2017

“The Old New World” (Photo-based animation project)

"The Old New World" (Photo-based animation project) from seccovan on Vimeo.

Van Morrison - When The Leaves Come Falling Down

                                   Links Morris- Rechts Dylan

Autumn, the leaves fall from the trees, who can sing more beautifully about this season than Van, here in a very good mood.

When The Leaves Come Falling Down - Plymouth 18-12-1999 (thank to the taper)
The band:Robin Aspland-Ritchie Buckley-David Hayes-Matt Holland-Bobby Irwin-Johnny Scott-Geraint Waitkins

donderdag 16 november 2017

The Allman Brothers - Need Your Love So Bad

               Duane Allman                     Dickey Betts                      Dan Toler

"Need Your Love So Bad" sometimes known as "I Need Your Love So Bad", is a blues song first published in 1955 and written by Mertis John Jr.

The first recording of the song was by Mertis John's younger brother Little Willie John and was released by King Records.Willie John's single achieved No. 5 on the Billboard R&B chart in 1956and the B-side "Home at Last" reached No. 6 in the same chart.[4] While using the AABA form and a harmonic layout typical for the R&B ballad,"Need Your Love So Bad" has been described as "A tightly wound and intense plea for love, [...] quite different from the usual R&B ballad fare".The songwriting credit has often been incorrectly attributed to Little Willie John.An example of this is the 1969 Fleetwood Mac album The Pious Bird of Good Omen, on which the original label gave the credit to Little Willie John.The performing rights organisation BMI credits the song to both John brothers.
Little Willie John's version of the song was used in the soundtrack to the film Wonder Boys in 2000. The song has also appeared on various compilation albums, such as The Very Best of Little Willie John, released in 2001 by Collectables Records as a CD.

dinsdag 14 november 2017


Sixth Big Sur Folk Festival

Joan Baez
Joni Mitchell
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
John Sebastian
Johanna Demetrakas
Dorothy Morrison & the Edwin Hawkins Singers
Mimi Fariña
Julie Payne
Ruthann Friedman
Carol Ann Cisneros
The Comb Sisters
Chris Ethridge
Flying Burrito Brothers
Struggle Mountain Resistance Band

Down by the River van Neil Young. Crosby Stills Nash & Young op zijn best!
Met Dallas Taylor op drums en Gregg Reeves op bass.

Sea of Madness met Neil op organ. Stephen probeert een fan te kalmeren en loopt een klapje op,daarna toch een hele mooie 4+ 20 Grote klasse!

Jaon Baez Song for David (Haar toenmalige echtgenoot was David Harris)

John Sebastian(Lovin Spoonful) en Joni Mitchell

Crosby Stills Nash John Sebastian Joni Mitchell

A musical documentary of the 1969 Big Sur Folk Festival, filmed in a chaotic style reminiscent of Woodstock. It features performances by Joan Baez, John Sebastian, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Joni Mitchell, and the Combs Sisters.

Some of the finest folk singers and musicians in the world positioned themselves on the edge of some of America's most glorious scenery for a farewell to summer and a celebration of nonviolence in mid-September. It was the sixth annual Big Sur Folk Festival.

The festival, held on the tree-shaded lawns of Esalen, also differed from other recent celebrations in that here the "scene" did not eclipse the music, but merely served as a complement. According to its producers, Nancy Carlen and Paula Kates, Big Sur was designed as a "performers festival," an opportunity for artists to come together after a hectic summer on the festival circuit for some peace and solitude.

Crosby Stills Nash and Young played the final set, as on Saturday, repeatedly bringing the thinning crowd to it's feet. For a finale - with the audience pushed forward around the pool, closer to the performers now - everyone at the festival reprise "Oh Happy Day"

maandag 13 november 2017

Bill Withers - Kissing My Love (Beatclub 1972)

William Harrison "Bill" Withers, Jr. (born July 4, 1938) is an American singer-songwriter and musician who performed and recorded from 1970 until 1985.He recorded several major hits, including "Lean on Me", "Ain't No Sunshine", "Use Me", "Just the Two of Us", "Lovely Day", and "Grandma's Hands". Withers won three Grammy Awards and was nominated for four more. His life was the subject of the 2009 documentary film Still Bill. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2015.[2]
    Kissing My Love (album Still Bill)

Drums : James Godson ,Lead guitar : Benorce Blackmon, Bass guitar : Melvin Dunlap ,Keyboard : Ray Jackson

Still Bill is the second studio album by American soul musician Bill Withers, released in 1972 by Sussex Records. It includes two hit singles: "Lean on Me", which is number 205 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time and went to number 1 on the Billboard pop and R&B charts in summer of 1972; and "Use Me", which went to number two on the same charts in fall of 1972.It was certified Gold by the RIAA.

zondag 12 november 2017

Neil Young Glastonbury 2009(Words)

Happy Birthday Neil!! (12 Nov. 1945)
Hoewel ik erg genoten heb van Neil,s optreden in Antwerpen enkele weken eerder ,was zijn optreden in Glastonbury de absolute top.Mede natuurlijke door prachtige TVRegistratie van de BBC.Prachtige lange uitvoering van Words met ook een hoofdrol voor Ben Keith R.I.P op de pedalsteel.


zaterdag 11 november 2017

Leonard Cohen - Falkoner Teatret, Copenhagen, Denmark (9 February 1985)

                                                 Leonard Cohen 
   (Westmount, Montreal, 21 september 1934 – Los Angeles, Californië, 7 november 2016) 

Het overlijden van Leonard Cohen was aanleiding nog een in de archieven de duiken,en zowaar kwam ik deze opnames tegen op een externe HD.Schijnbaar gefilmpd onder niet al te beste omstandigheden,maar ondanks toenmalige techniek,en een beetje plak en knipwerk mijnerzijds toch een redelijk resulaat.Een mooie herinnering aan deze bijzonder dichter,singer/songwritet
 (Thanks to the taper!!)

                                           "Famous Blue Raincoat" is a song by Leonard Cohen. It is the sixth track on his third album, Songs of Love and Hate, released in 1971. The song is written in the form of a letter (many of the lines are written in amphibrachs). The lyric tells the story of a love triangle between the speaker, a woman named Jane, and the male addressee, who is identified only briefly as "my brother, my killer."

                                           "Sisters Of Mercy"
Cohen penned this song as a tribute to two girls that he shared a hotel room with during a snowstorm in Edmonton, Canada. In the April 1993 issue of Song Talk, he explained: "That's the only song I wrote in one sitting. The melody I had worked on for some time. I didn't really know what the song was. I remember that my mother had liked it.

                                          "Passin Through" 
From the album  Live Songs , released during the three-year silence between Songs of Love and Hate and New Skin for the Old Ceremony.

                                           "Bird on the Wire" is one of Leonard Cohen's signature songs. It was recorded 26 September 1968 in Nashville and included on his 1969 album Songs from a Room. A May 1968 recording produced by David Crosby, entitled "Like a Bird", was added to the 2007 remastered CD. Judy Collins was the first to release the song on her 1968 album Who Knows Where the Time Goes.

                                           "Nights Comes On"  album Various Positions(1984)

                                                       Leonard Cohen R.I.P.

maandag 6 november 2017

Bob Dylan - Blowin In The Wind

             Wintrust Arena - Chicago - Oktober 27 -2017

 Bob Dylan sings a distinctly country inspired version of "Blowin in the Wind" during the first encore at Chicago's Wintrust Arena.

Bob Dylan — vocals, piano Stu Kimball — rhythm guitar Donnie Herron — pedal steel, lap steel, violin Charlie Sexton — lead guitar Tony Garnier — bass guitar George Receli — drums

zaterdag 4 november 2017

Eilen Jewell & Band - Bleusclub (3 Nov.2017)

                                             foto Arthur.
He programma van deze club,de naam zegt het al,bestaat meestal uit bluesmuziek.Diverse uitstekende bands ,uit buiten en binnenland ,in dit genre stonden hier al op het podium.Een van de heren (Hans)heeft een wat bredere smaak,die kom ik dan ook regelmatig tegen bij Americana en Rootsmuziek concerten.Een van de  favorieten van ons is toch wel Eilen Jewell.,we zagen haar al diverse keren optreden Ik was dan ook blij verrast dat ,ik denk toch wel door zijn inbreng,dat deze dame voor de tweede keer hier op het podium stond.
Hieronder een paar sfeerbeelden van deze mooie avond...

De muziek van Eilen Jewell is doorgaans een mix van C&W,Folk,Americana,maar met haar nieuwe album heeft ze ook een uitstapje naar de blues gemaakt.Dus een optreden in deze "bluesclub"was toch wel op zijn plaats.                                          

Deze avond bracht Eilen Jewell een mooie selectie uit haar ondertussen uitgebreide repertoire.Natuurlijk kwam Loretta Lynn voorbij,maar ook veel nummers van het nieuwe album Down Hearted Woman en o.a het heerlijk melancholieke "Santa Fe". Een toegevoegde waarde tijdens haar optreden is natuurlijk gitarist Jerry Miller .Schijnbaar uit de losse pols tovert die man de een na de andere solo uit zijn gitaar,wat een gigant!
 Alles bij elkaar een prachtige muzikale avond,genoten!!

    foto Arthur
   De band: Jerry Miller- Eilen Jewell- Jason Beek -Shawn Supra,

Uiteraard mag het nieuwe album niet ontbreken in de verzameling Het blijkt een zeer aangenaam album te zijn met een zeer mooi geluid (met dank aan producer en echtgenoot Jason Beek)

 More Eilen Jewell: