dinsdag 19 september 2017

Van Morrison plays Astral Weeks (Hay-On-Wye ,Wales, 01-06-2001)

Hay-on-Wye (Welsh: Y Gelli Gandryll or just Y Gelli), often abbreviated to just "Hay", is a small market town and community in the historic county of Brecknockshire in Wales, currently administered as part of the unitary authority of Powys.] With over twenty bookshops, it is often described as "the town of books", and is both the National Book Town of Wales and the site of the annual Hay Literary Festival.
The settlement's name is first referred to between 1135 and 1147 as "Haya"; in 1299 the name of "La Haye" is used. By the 16th century it was simply called "Hay", and the use of the river as a suffix is a later addition. In 1215, a Welsh name, "Gelli" was recorded, and "Gelli gandrell" in 1614; the two names may have been used concurrently in 1625. The English language name, "Hay", is derived from Old English "hæg", possibly meaning a "fenced area" and a noun used in late Saxon and Norman times for an enclosure in a forest. The Welsh word celli (lenited to Gelli) has a range of meanings including wooded areas of various extents

  Sweet Thing (thanks to the taper)

The town lies on the south-east bank of the River Wye and is within the north-easternmost tip of the Brecon Beacons National Park, just north of the Black Mountains. The town is just on the Welsh side of the border with Herefordshire, England, here defined by the Dulas Brook. Where the brook joins the River Wye just north of the town, the border continues northwards along the river. The Wye was the boundary between the former counties and districts of Radnorshire and Brecknockshire.
The adjacent village of Cusop lies on the English side of the Dulas Brook. The nearest city is Hereford, county town of Herefordshire, some 22 miles (35 km) to the east.

Madame George (thanks to the taper)

Big hand for the band!
Richard Dunn- keyboards,Ned Edwards!!! -guitar, Lee Goodall- sax,Matt Holland- trumpet,
Pete Hurley -bass,Bobby Irwin-drrums,Martin Winning -sax/flute

maandag 18 september 2017

Jimi Hendrix - The Wind Cries Mary (Monterey)

James Marshall (Jimi) Hendrix (geboren als Johnny Allen Hendrix, Seattle, 27 november 1942 – Londen, 18 september 1970
Jimi  zou vandaag 74 jaar zijn geworden,ter herinerring een van zijn mooiste....

The Wind Cries Mary was de derde single van The Jimi Hendrix Experience met als B--Side "Highway Chile",releasedatum 5 Mei 1967.


After all the jacks are in their boxes
And the clowns have all gone to bed
You can hear happiness staggering on down the street
Footprints dressed in red
And the wind whispers Mary

A broom is drearily sweeping
Up the broken pieces of yesterday’s life
Somewhere a queen is weeping
Somewhere a king has no wife
And the wind, it cries Mary

The traffic lights they turn up blue tomorrow
And shine their emptiness down on my bed
The tiny island sags downstream
‘Cause the life that lived is, is dead
And the wind screams Mary

Will the wind ever remember
The names it has blown in the past
And with his crutch, it’s old age, and it's wisdom
It whispers no, this will be the last
And the wind cries Mary

vrijdag 15 september 2017

Johnny Winter & Dr John - Live in Hamilton,Canada(studio) 23 Nov.1983

Op het eerst gezicht een wat vreemde combinatie,Dr John en Johnny Winter,maar in de intieme setting van een kleine studio blijkt het toch behoorlijk te klikken tussen die twee.

A Right Place At The Wrong Time
Malcolm John "Mac" Rebennack, Jr. (Geb. November 21, 1940) beter bekend onder de naam Dr. John (of Dr. John Creaux), is een Amerikaanse singer/songwriter,pianist en gitarist.Zijn muziek is een combinatie van blues.pop,jazz,zydeco,boogie woogie en rock &roll.

Johnny Be Good

In de jaren 50 was Mac Rebenack al aktief als studiomuzikant.Bekend werd hij in het begin van de jaren 70 onder de naam Dr John toen hij optrad met theatrale shows ,geinspereerd op mardi gras en voodoo ceremonies. Hij maakte meer dan 20 albums en scoorde in 1973 een hit met het funky "Right Place, Wrong Time," misschien wel zijn meest bekende song.

Junior Parker's song

John Dawson "Johnny" Winter III (Geb. February 23, 1944) is een Amerikaanse bluesgitarist ,zanger en producer. Hij werd bekend en de jaren 70 door zijn energieke bluesrockalbums en zijn geweldige live optredens.Hij produceerde drie Grammy winnende albums voor blueslegende Muddy Waters .

Talk To Your Daughter

Johnny Winter profiteerde eind jaren zestig van het succes van een nieuwe generatie van rockgitaristen, zoals Jimi Hendrix ,Eric Clapton en Carlos Santana . In 1968 wordt hij door het blad Rolling Stone samen met Janis Joplin uitgeroepen tot één van de grote beloften in de rockmuziek. Johnny valt, behalve door zijn virtuoze gitaarspel, op door het feit dat hij, net als broer Edgar, een albino is. Winter maakt vanaf 1968 verscheidene succesvolle albums, en raakt dan verslaafd aan heroïne. Zijn muziek neigt steeds meer naar hardrock totdat hij in 1977 begint samen te werken met Muddy Waters. In de jaren tachtig maakt Winter een aantal albums met bluesrock in een geheel eigen stijl, waaronder Guitar Slinger en Third Degree.

She Doesn't Mean Mistreated

De Band:Johnny Winter : guitar, vocal
Dr John : piano, vocal
Brian Russell : guitar
Jon Paris : bass, harmonica
Terry Clark : drums


Deze studio stond in Hamilton Ontario, en was bekend door hun mooie opnames met muzikanten als Freddie en Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughn,en Canadese acts als The Phantoms, Jeff Healy,e.a

woensdag 13 september 2017

Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi (Wembley Arena London 24-4-83)

Mitchell said this about writing the song to journalist Alan McDougall in the early 1970s:
I wrote 'Big Yellow Taxi' on my first trip to Hawaii. I took a taxi to the hotel and when I woke up the next morning, I threw back the curtains and saw these beautiful green mountains in the distance. Then, I looked down and there was a parking lot as far as the eye could see, and it broke my heart... this blight on paradise. That's when I sat down and wrote the song.[5]

The song is known for its environmental concern – "They paved paradise to put up a parking lot" and "Hey farmer, farmer, put away that DDT now" – and sentimental sound. The line "They took all the trees, and put 'em in a tree museum / And charged the people a dollar and a half just to see 'em" refers to Foster Botanical Garden in downtown Honolulu, which is a living museum of tropical plants, some rare and endangered.[6]
In the song's final verse, the political gives way to the personal. Mitchell recounts the departure of her "old man" in the titular "big yellow taxi," which may refer to the old Metro Toronto Police patrol cars, which until 1986 were painted yellow.[7] In many covers the departed one may be interpreted as variously a boyfriend, a husband or a father. The literal interpretation is that he is walking out on the singer by taking a taxi; otherwise it is assumed he is being taken away by the authorities.
Mitchell's original recording was first released as a single and then, as stated above, included on her 1970 album Ladies of the Canyon. A later live version was released in 1974 (1975 in France and Spain) and reached No. 24 on the U.S. charts. Mitchell's playful closing vocals have made the song one of the most identifiable in her repertoire, still receiving significant airplay in Canada. In 2005, it was voted No. 9 on CBC's list of the top 50 essential Canadian tracks.

dinsdag 12 september 2017

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Dino,s Song (Monterey Pop Festival 1967)

John Cipollina—Lead guitar,Gary Duncan—Lead guitar, vocals,David Freiberg—Bass, vocals
Jim Murray—Guitar, vocals,Greg Elmore—Drums

Quicksilver Messenger Service started life during the folk-rock boom as an electric backing band for singer-guitarist-songwriter Dino Valenti. Before they could develop in that capacity, however, Valenti was arrested for drug possession and received a prison sentence. Rather than splitting up, however the group continued on without their front man, and over the next two years, the group proceeded to astound audiences in San Francisco with their performances, consisting of extended jams, stretched out through Cipollina’s shimmering angular lead guitar lines. For a time, the two top acts in the city were “the Quick and the Dead (The Grateful Dead),” but at the time of their appearance at Monterey, Quicksilver had yet to be signed by any label.

 Later in 1967, they got a spot in Jack O’Connell’s Haight-Ashbury documentary Revolution (1968), and on the accompanying soundtrack album. By the end of the year—by which time singer-guitarist Jim Murray had exited—they were under contract to Capitol Records. It wasn’t until a year after Monterey that their self-titled debut album was released, but it only captured a faint echo of the band’s dynamic live sound. Their second album, Happy Trails, was somewhat more representative, highlighted by the presence of a 25-minute jam growing out of Bo Diddley’s “Who Do You Love.” After that, the line-up began to splinter, as Gary Duncan quit and was replaced by British keyboard virtuoso Nicky Hopkins, for the album Shady Grove. Duncan returned soon after its release and it was at that point that Valenti finally rejoined the group, after attempting to restart his solo career following his parole from jail. This expanded Quicksilver line-up lasted until 1972 when Cipollina, Freiberg, and Hopkins all left—the remainder of the group, effectively led by Valenti, carried on with hired replacements for two albums before officially disbanding in 1973.


zondag 10 september 2017

Steely Dan - 1980 The Lost Gaucho Gaucho Studio Demos

The following is taken from Steely Dan’s website: "While recording "Gaucho", Becker and Fagen had to endure various misfortunes which delay the release date: Becker is hit by a car, one of their favorite new tracks "The Second Arrangement" is accidentally erased by an assistant recording engineer, and there is a dispute over which record company has the rights to their forthcoming album.

 Thanks To Master Eddie

"Becker and Fagen had already signed a new contract with Warner Brothers, but ABC (now owned by MCA) claims that they are still owed one more album. MCA wins the contract dispute and then decides to increase the album's list price to US$9.98, one dollar more than all the other albums. Donald and Walter continue to hold back the album while they unsuccessfully fight the price increase. Finally, Gaucho is released in November, 1980." Aja came out in 1977 and Steely Dan took three years fighting with their record company before they released Gaucho in 1980. Unknown to most fans was the "lost" Gaucho, a complete album vastly different to what was released. Of the songs that appeared on Gaucho only three appeared on this lost version in different form. Were You Blind That Day was an early rendition of a song with different lyrics that finally appeared as Third World Man on Gaucho. Time Out Of Mind on the lost version is simpler missing the embellishments added on the Gaucho version. And the title track here is just an instrumental. But the lost Gaucho had original songs that never appeared before. Kind Spirit, The Bear, The Second Arrangement, Talkin’ About My Home and Kulee Baba have never been released as far as we know in any form. For the longest time, the only source of info on this lost album was from Brian Sweet’s Steely Dan biography, Reelin’ In The Years, which told the story of how at least one track from the early Gaucho sessions was accidentally erased by a careless engineer. The track was identified as The Second Arrangement. Sweet said Becker and Fagen decided it was too difficult to get the feel of that song and abandoned it in favor of Third World Man. These early sessions supposedly originate from 1979 and earlier versions of these songs circulated in poorer quality until 2002 when high quality copies of the sessions emerged. A copy was recently torrented and shared among the trading community. We’ve heard the earlier Gaucho Outtakes and can vouch that this new source is superior with a clean sound and wide stereo. (However, CD #1 was unfortunately presented in an 'Out-Of-Phase' reproduction, which can be corrected by means of 'Phase Reversal' on one channel in analogue mode.) As to why so many songs were dropped from the final lineup of Gaucho, a case can be made that this early version was too close in style to 1977’s Aja - shorter songs, sweeter melodies and more accessible lyrics. The finally released Gaucho seemed purposely obscure, deep and complex. Was it to spite their record company MCA? Is it possible that The Second Arrangement was never erased but that Becker and Fagen concocted the story to avoid releasing what they thought was the better version of Gaucho? Listen and decide for yourself.

 00:00 Kind Spirit 03:54 Were you blind That Day 08:39 The Bear 13:50 The 2nd arrangement 19:16 Talkin' about my home 23:53 Time out of mind 28:15 Kulee baba 33:01 Gaucho (instr.) 2: 38:33 Gaucho 43:55 The Second Arrangement 48:53 Glamour Profession 56:42 Babylon Sisters 1:02:35 My Rival 1:06:50 Gaucho, piano & vocals 1:11:41 Babylon Sisters 1:16:55 The Second Arrangement 1:22:28 Talkin' about my home 1:27:09 I can't write home about you 1:31:25 Kulee Baba

zaterdag 9 september 2017

Otis Redding - live at Montery 1967 (Repost)

Otis Redding (September 9, 1941 – December 10, 1967) R.I.P.

In 1967 speelde Otis op het Monterey Pop Festival, en in hetzelfde jaar nam hij ook The dock of the bay op, maar hij overleed een jaar voordat het populair werd. Drie dagen na het opnemen van dit liedje kwam hij om bij een vliegtuigongeluk in Lake Madison, Wisconsin, samen met vier van de zes leden van zijn band The Bar-Kays. Mede-bandlid Ben Cauley overleefde het ongeluk en James Alexander zat in een ander vliegtuig. Het was de bedoeling om het gefloten gedeelte later te vervangen door tekst. Otis Redding heeft het uiteindelijke liedje nooit gehoord; ze waren het nog aan het afmixen toen hij overleed.


I,ve Been Lovin You To Long,Satisfaction

Try a Little Tenderness

Big Hand For The Band:
Booker T & the M,G,s
Booker T Jones Keyboards
Al Jackson Drums
Steve Cropper Guitar
Donald,Duck,Dunn Bass

The Markey,s
Wayne Jackson Trompet
Andrew Love Sax
Floyd Newman Sax

vrijdag 8 september 2017

Golden Earring -Live at Winterland San Fransisco (25 April 1975)

 Misschien wel de beste periode uit de lange carriere van Golden Earring ,getuige dit prachtoptreden in Winterland San Fransisco.Messcherpe solo.s van George Kooymans,prima zang van Barry Hay,ondersteund door de strakke rythmsectie  van Rinus Gerritsen en Cesar Zuiderwijk.Rober Jan Stips vult alles mooi op met zijn keyboards en er is ook een gastrol voor Bertus Borgers.Mooi optreden!

She Flies on Strange Wings (abum Seven Tears 1971)

 Kill Me (CeSoir) (album Switch -1975)

              Vannila Queen(album Moontan - 1973)

woensdag 6 september 2017

Van Morrison at the Fillmore East - 23 Sept 1970

The Fillmore East was het rockpodium van rockpromotor Bill Graham op Second Avenue,nabij East Village,Manhattan New York City.Het was geopend 1968 tot 1971.Alle grote acts uit de rockmuziek hebben er opgetreden. In San Francisco was Graham,s andere grote rockzaal the Fillmore West ,dit was Bills thuisbasis .
47 jaar geleden ,op 23 September 1970 stond Van Morrison en zijn band op het podium van de Fillmore East

This Dream Of You van het Album Moondance ,een wel heel korte versie.

1970 was een zeer productief jaar voor Van Morrison.In Januari kwam het album "Moondance uit en aan het eind van hetzelfde jaar" His Band and The Street Choir".Twee schitterende albums .

Cypres Avenue van het album Astral Weeks

Van Morrison over "Cyprus Avenue" A street in Belfast , a place where there's a lot of wealth. It wasn't far from where I was brought up and it was a very different scene. To me it was a very mystical place. It was a whole avenue lined with trees and I found it a place where I could think

Van Morrison's band in 1970 (from left to right): Alan Hand-Keyboards,John Platania-Gitaar, Keith Johnson-Trompet, Dahaud Shaar-Drums,Van Morrrison , John Klingberg- Bass,Jack Schroer - Sax

More Van Morrison!

maandag 4 september 2017

Lucinda Willams - OLT Rivierenhof Antwerpen (8-31-2017)

      7 jaar geleden zag ik Lucinda Williams in dit prachtige openluchttheater optreden,en deze avond deed ze het nog een keer over.Ook nu weer een mooi optreden,een regenbuitje tussendoor mocht de pret niet drukken.Ook Lucinda had het naar haar zin ,dit is wat ze schreef op FB.

      There was some debate about whether we played in the world's diamond capital of Antwerp before, the band was saying yes -and after some intense (not really) online research they were proven correct.(L.W.)

Not only had we played Antwerp in July of 2009 but we had played the same beautiful Openluchttheater Rivierenhof, so we got all that squared away. Lu really love the sound on stage, so the technical problems of the night before in Amsterdam were completely behind us. This one did have a rather unusual ending.(L.W)

                                                     All day long they had been telling that it was a hard curfew so we were careful to make the setlist go right up to the final minute - and actually a couple minutes. After Lu and the band had left the stage and headed toward the dressing room - and with the boisterous crowd now not wanting leave - one of the production managers came over and said “one more” (L.W)

So we went to see if we could get everybody together to go back out and do another song. About this time the house lights came up and the after show music had started and some people had started to leave - but most of the audience was still there. We had to go get David back from the dressing room but we managed to get everybody back quickly and back on stage for a rollicking version of Get Right With God - and people who had begun leaving came back down to the front of the stage. A crazy ending to a great night in Antwerp we’ll definitely remember this one! (L.W)

De Setlist with some footage.
1 Steal Your Love
2 Protection

3 Pineola
4 Drunken Angel 
5 Doors Of Heaven

                                          6 Ghost Of Highway 20
7 Lake Charles
8 Sweet Old World
9 Change The Locks
10 Out Of Touch

 11 Foolishness
12 Honey Bee
13 Joy

Get Right With God.

The end of a wonderful evening,Lucinda and band Thanks!!!