donderdag 18 juli 2019

Devadip Orchestra -Onessis (Parijs 5 dec.1979)

In 1978 toerde Santana door Europe met een zeer  speciale support act: The Devadip Ochestra.
Devadip is de religieuze naam van Carlos Santana die hij kreeg van  Sri Chinmoy in 1972.
The Orchestra speelde matriaal van het album  Oneness (1979) en van het fusion  The Swing of delight uit 1980.Dit is volgens mij het enige beeld matriaal van de band, de opname is van een  optreden in Parijs.Het beeld is matig ,het geluid acceptabel.
Onessis is de titeltrack van het gelijknamige album,ik vind het erg mooi.
The Devadip Orchestra deed 35 opening sets, alleen in Europe in het najaar van1978!

De Band:

Devadip (Carlos Santana) - Gitaar
Graham Lear- Drums
David Margen- Bass
Chris Rhyne- Keyboards
Premik Russell Tubbs- Flute

woensdag 17 juli 2019

Steely Dan - Bodhisattva- ( live ,San Diego March 23, 1974)

 Donald Fagen said this song was "sort of a parody on the way Western people look at Eastern religion - sort of oversimplify it. We thought it was rather amusing - most people didn't get it."


                Denny Dias , Walter Becker, Donald Fagen, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, Jim Hodder

In typically cryptic fashion, the Countdown To Ecstasy liner notes for the 1998 reissue said this of the song: "Dias the Bebopper meets Baxter the skunk beneath the Bo Tree in this altered blues."

"Dias" is Denny Dias, who played the first guitar solo on the track; "Baxter the skunk" is Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, who played the second solo.

dinsdag 16 juli 2019

Van Morrison -Mac's Kings Hotel (Newport 06-10-1993)

A very special evening at the Mac,s King Hotel in Newport and lot of fun with Van The Man!

Thats Where it,s at  (thanks Woolhall archives!)

 A brief sample of the legendary, and infamous performance at this now defunct venue,maybe later I will publish the one and only track that hit all the headlines...exciting...

A Town Called Paradise  ( thanksWoolhall archives!)

The band:
Haji Ahkba -flugelhorn/trompet.Ronnie Johnson-guitar.Nicki Scott-bass.Teena Lyle-vibes.
John Savanah - keyboards.Geoff Dunn-drums.Kate st.John -tenorsax.Brian Kennedy-vocals.
                                                         thanks Vanomatic

 A 200-year-old hotel in the centre of Newport has closed blaming a "severe" downturn in trade.
The Kings Hotel ceased trading on Tuesday with the loss of 20 permanent jobs.
General manager Maria Thomas said a handful of staff remained and were trying to rearrange wedding bookings.
The hotel had also been a popular music venue and hosted concerts by the singer Van Morrison in its ballroom in the late 1980s and early 1990s.


maandag 15 juli 2019

Gene Clark & Carla Olson

    Gene Clark and Carla Olson

 Toch wel een bijzondere combinatie ,die tussen Gene Clark en Carla Olson. Gene is natuurlijk bekend als een van de oprichters van The Byrds ,Carla was leider van de The Textones ,een rockband uit Los Angeles.

    Gypsy Rider

   De samenwerking leverde het album "So Rebellious A Lover" op met het bovenstaande "Gypsy    Rider" als een van de hoogtepunten.Het duo bleef regelmatig optreden maar een tweede album is er niet meer van gekomen,Gene Clark overleed op 24 mei 1991.Wel kwam er postuum nog een live album uit "Silhouetted In Light"

    Almost Saturday Night

Carla Olson over Gene Clark "
“He was a superb guitarist and could hold his own with the likes of Bob Dylan, Donovan, and Joan Baez. I loved the way he played the rhythm parts and the bass lines at the same time, which came from playing solo for many years. He was also an excellent harmonica player and used his beautiful whistle as an instrument as well.” (No Depression)

Gene Clark, geboren als Harold Eugene Clark (Tipton (Missouri), 17 november 1944 - Sherman Oaks (Californië), 24 mei 1991)

more Gene Clark 
The Byrds live!!

Gene Clark & Roger McGuin - Train Leave Here This Morning

Gene Clark -live at Doc Severinson,s Music Show

Gene Clark -live at the Ritz


vrijdag 12 juli 2019

Bob plays Neil - Old Man (Boston 16.11.2002)

                                           Foto Ulf Palm                Foto Frank Beacham

It is always nice that two of the greatest singer songwriters of this time play songs from each other. Bob Dylan, s Blowin in the Wind is regularly featured on Neil, s set list, and Bob this time doing one of Neil, s most beautiful songs Old Man. Nice interpetation.

maandag 8 juli 2019

Willy DeVille "Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl":

Willy DeVille said about the song "Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl": "I know Mick Jagger likes it. It's about a woman I know who was drug addict. She was mixed up and she was shook up. That's what it's about."

In liner notes to the 2001 compilation album Cadillac Walk: The Mink DeVille Collection, Ben Edmonds relates how Mick Jagger dropped by the Hollywood recording studio where Jack Nitzsche was producing Cabretta:

Jack had assisted on several Stones sessions, and it was his collaboration with Jagger on "Memo from Turner" that had me connect him with Mink DeVille in the first place. Jack put on a reel to show off his present work. Jagger listened to a couple of songs with polite disinterest, nodding approvingly to "Cadillac Walk." But when "Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl" came rolling out of the playback monitors, Jagger was immediately out of his seat and moving to its bittersweet mid-tempo rhythms. He danced with a grace one seldom sees in his herky-jerk stage performances, enveloped in the music and oblivious to the rest of us in the room... It couldn't have been more perfect if I'd dreamed it

zaterdag 6 juli 2019

Robert Ward with Ry Cooder, Nick Lowe, Steve Douglas and Tony Johnson.(Sweetwater Village Music 23rd Anniv. Party 1991-08-05 )

Robert Ward (October 15, 1938 – December 25, 2008) was an American blues and soul guitarist. He was known for founding the Ohio Untouchables, the band that later would become the Ohio Players. He played the guitar with a unique tone soaked in vibrato coming from the Magnatone amplifier.

                                           (You Make My) Blood Run Cold

Born Robert Jeryl Ward in Luthersville, Georgia, he moved to Dayton, Ohio in 1960 and formed the Ohio Untouchables. The group released series of singles from LuPine label[including "Your Love Is Amazing" which would become one of Ward's signature songs. Ward left the group in 1965.[2]
Then he moved to the Detroit area, actually residing in Toledo, Ohio and released some single under his name in the late 60's. He disappeared from the music scene sometime in the 70's after working as a session player for Motown.

                                           Forgive Me Darling

It was in the early 1990s that he came back into the spotlight. He was "rediscovered" by Black Top Records and released his first full-length album Fear No Evil in 1991. He released two more albums in the next four years for the label. In the mid-1990s he did limited touring, including a date in Minneapolis with Curtis Obeda and "The Butanes", and several dates in Michigan including Kalamazoo, Three Rivers and Grand Rapids. After the label folded in the late 1990s, WRKR Kalamazoo blues DJ Marty Spaulding, who Robert had appointed his manager, arranged a recording contract with Delmark Records to release New Role Soul in 2000. In his last years he faced a series of health problems, including two strokes, which prevented him from performing or recording.

 He died at his home in Dry Branch, Georgia, about six miles from Macon, on December 25, 2008

Ohio Untouchables - Forgive Me Darling/Your Love Is Amazing (1962)

vrijdag 5 juli 2019

Canned Heat feat, Alan"Blind Owl"Wilson

Alan "Blind Owl" Christie Wilson (July 4, 1943 – September 3, 1970) was the leader, singer, and primary composer in the American blues band Canned Heat. He played guitar and harmonica, and wrote several songs for the band.

                                         On the Road Again

 Wilson was born in Boston, Massachusetts and grew up in the Boston suburb of Arlington, Massachusetts. He majored in music at Boston University and often played the Cambridge coffeehouse folk-blues circuit. He acquired the nickname "Blind Owl" owing to his extreme nearsightedness; in one instance when he was playing at a wedding, he laid his guitar on the wedding cake because he did not see it. As Canned Heat's drummer, Fito de la Parra, wrote in his book: "Without the glasses, Alan literally could not recognize the people he played with at two feet, that's how blind the 'Blind Owl' was."

Rollin & Tumbling

 With Canned Heat, Wilson performed at two prominent concerts of the 1960s era, the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967 and Woodstock in 1969. Canned Heat appeared in the film Woodstock, and the band's "Going Up the Country," which Wilson sang, has been referred to as the festival's unofficial theme song.[1] Wilson also wrote "On the Road Again," arguably Canned Heat's second-most familiar song.

                  Turpentine Moan/On The Road Again

 Wilson was a passionate conservationist who loved reading books on botany and ecology. He often slept outdoors to be closer to nature. In 1969, he wrote and recorded a song, "Poor Moon", which expressed concern over potential pollution of the moon. He wrote an essay called 'Grim Harvest', about the coastal redwood forests of California, which was printed as the liner notes to the Future Blues album by Canned Heat.

After Eddie 'Son' House's 'rediscovery' in 1964, Wilson taught him how to play again the songs House had recorded in 1930 and 1942 (which he had forgotten over a long absence from music); House recorded for Columbia in 1965 and two of three selections featuring Wilson on harmonica and guitar appeared on the set. On the double album Hooker 'N Heat (1970), John Lee Hooker is heard wondering how Wilson is capable of following Hooker's guitar playing so well. Hooker was known to be a difficult performer to accompany, partly because of his disregard of song form. Yet Wilson seemed to have no trouble at all following him on this album. Hooker concludes that "you [Wilson] musta been listenin' to my records all your life". Hooker is also known to have stated "Wilson is the greatest harmonica player ever"
Stephen Stills' song "Blues Man" from the album Manassas is dedicated to Wilson, along with Jimi Hendrix and Duane Allman.

  Canned Heat (feat. Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson, Bob "The Bear" Hite, Harvey "The Snake" Mandel, Larry "The Mole" Taylor, Adolfo "Fito" de la Parra)

 Wilson died in Topanga Canyon, California of a drug overdose at age 27. Although Wilson had reportedly attempted suicide twice before and his death is sometimes reported as a suicide, this is not clearly established and he left no note.

 Bron Wikipedia

maandag 1 juli 2019

The Animals (feat.Eric Burdon) - Wembly Empire Pool (April 11,1965)

                                 Eric Burdon - Hilton Valentine-Alan Price- Chas Chandler

    Boom Boom Boom

One of the most important bands originating from England's R&B scene during the early '60s, the Animals were second only to the Rolling Stones in influence among R&B-based bands in the first wave of the British Invasion. The Animals had their origins in a Newcastle-based group called the Kansas City Five, whose membership included pianist Alan Price, drummer John Steel, and vocalist Eric Burdon. Price exited to join the Kontours in 1962, while Burdon went off to London.

                                         John Steel

    Don,t Let It Be Miss Understood

  The Kontours, whose membership included Bryan "Chas" Chandler, eventually were transmuted into the Alan Price R&B Combo, with John Steel joining on drums. Burdon's return to Newcastle in early 1963 heralded his return to the lineup. The final member of the combo, guitarist Hilton Valentine, joined just in time for the recording of a self-produced EP under the band's new name, the Animals. That record alerted Graham Bond to the Animals; he was likely responsible for pointing impresario Giorgio Gomelsky to the group

    Talkin About You

In May of 1965, immediately after recording "We've Gotta Get Out of This Place," Alan Price left the band, citing fear of flying as the reason; subsequent biographies of the band have indicated that the reasons were less psychological.

 The lineup shifts continued, however: Steel exited in 1966, after recording Animalisms, and was replaced by Barry Jenkins, formerly of the Nashville Teens. Chandler left in mid-1966 after recording "Don't Bring Me Down," and Valentine remained until the end of 1966, but essentially "Don't Bring Me Down" marked the end of the original Animals.

 Hey Gyp

 Paint It Black/Monterey