zaterdag 5 juli 2014

Bob Dylan - Searching For A Soldiers Grave

Wembley Arena London, England October 6, 2000
  "Searching For A Soldier's Grave" is track #48 on the album The Unreleased Recordings.

 Written by Jim Anglin (1913-1987), who sold the copyrights to Roy Acuff (this was the case even with This World Can't Stand Long; it's been recorded by The Blue Sky Boys, Hank Williams, et al., and by Ralph Stanley(on Pray For The Boys), which is probably the source of Dylan's version.
Performed by Bob Dylan on various occasions since the first performance in Portland, OR, Jun 15 2000
A superb rendition by three Americans named Floyd, Marcia and Evelena of this deeply poignant old song, as resonant today as it ever has been.
.Floyd, Marcia [ Sister], Evelena, [ Daughter].

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