woensdag 17 maart 2010

Bob Dylan at the The Todaiji Temple Nara Japan May 22nd 1994

The Great Music Experience was a concert starring Japanese and international musicians staged at the eighth century Buddhist temple of Todai-ji, in Nara, Japan in May 1994. The concert, held over three nights and part-backed by Unesco, took place in front of the world's largest wooden building, housing the largest Buddha statue in the world.

Ring Them Bells

The Todai-Ji concert brought together Japanese and Western musicians playing music showing the influences of both cultures. The musicians included Bob Dylan, Jon Bon Jovi, Joni Mitchell and INXS. Dylan played in front of the Tokyo New Philharmonic orchestra, the first time he had played with an orchestra.

Ii,ts A Hard Rain Gonna Fall

The star of the show turned out to be Dylan who said as soon as he came off-stage that he had not sung so well for 15 years. Dylan opened with A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall which Q magazine said was "no ordinary version...[he] really opens his lungs and heart and sings, like he's not done for many a year...The only word for it majestic."

I Shall Be Released

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