maandag 26 juni 2017

Freddy King - Ain,t Nobody Bussiness (Live at the Electric Ballroom 1974)

     Freddie King (September 3, 1934 – December 28, 1976) was an American blues guitarist and singer. He has been described as one of the "Three Kings" of electric blues guitar, along with Albert King and B.B. King. He was an influential guitarist with hits for Federal Records in the early 1960s. His soulful and powerful voice and distinctive guitar style inspired countless musicians, particularly guitarists (Eric Clapton is a notable example). He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012.
What’s so special about Freddie King? He played with a thumb and an index finger steel pick and put his guitar strap on his right shoulder. He melted rock music elements into the Chicago/Texas mixture Blues. He was an aggressive performer, on stage he was the hard working Texas Cannonball. Let’s see, why.

   Ain,t Nobody,s Bussiness

“Duchess Henderson still has her poker hand from one of Freddie’s poker games with me, Bugs Henderson, Eric Clapton, Freddie and a couple of other guys. I think Freddie won a couple of thousand dollars off Eric that night. Clapton didn’t even know to play poker. He was just having a good time playing with Freddie. He’d stay in on any hand. Freddie kind of cleaned him out. Freddie came up to me afterwards and said, “Those tea bags can’t play cards worth a damn!” Eric didn’t mind, he had a good time anyway.”
– Jack Calmes, Freddie King’s manager, on the CD cover of FK’s “live at the electric ballroom, 1974”

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