woensdag 28 oktober 2015

CCR - Night Time Is The Right Time

                                    John Fogerty - Doug Clifford - Tom Fogerty - Stu Cooke

John Fogerty, Doug Clifford, and Stu Cook (all born in 1945) met at Portola Junior High School in El Cerrito, California. Calling themselves The Blue Velvets, the trio began playing instrumentals and "juke box standards",[9] as well as backing Fogerty's older brother Tom at live gigs and in the recording studio. Tom soon joined the band, and in 1964 they signed with Fantasy Records, an independent jazz label in San Francisco that had released Cast Your Fate to the Wind, a national hit for jazz pianist Vince Guaraldi. The record's success was the subject of a National Educational Television special, which prompted budding songwriter John Fogerty to contact the label.[10]
Band roles changed during this period. Stu Cook switched from piano to bass guitar and Tom Fogerty from lead vocals to rhythm guitar; John became the band's lead vocalist and primary songwriter. In Tom Fogerty's words: "I could sing, but John had a sound!"

                 Night Time Is The Right Time - (Royal Albert Hall 4/14/70)

 "Night Time Is the Right Time" or "The Right Time" is a rhythm and blues song recorded by Nappy Brown in 1957. It draws on earlier blues songs and has inspired many subsequent versions, including a record chart hit versions by Ray Charles, Rufus and Carla, and James Brown.
Ray Charles recorded his version, titled "(Night Time Is) The Right Time" in October 1958

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