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zondag 6 september 2015

Bob Dylan - Maggie Farm (Farm Aid September 22, 1985.)

 Bob Dylan performs "Maggie's Farm" with Willie Nelson and Tom Petty at Farm Aid in Champaign, Illinois on September 22, 1985.

 Bob Dylan - Maggies Farm from Aart van Hoften on Vimeo.

 "Maggie's Farm" is a song written by Bob Dylan, recorded on January 15, 1965, and released on the album Bringing It All Back Home on March 22 of that year. Like many other Dylan songs of the 1965–66 period, "Maggie's Farm" is based in electric blues. It was released as a single in the United Kingdom on June 4, 1965, and peaked at #22 on the chart.(Wikipedia)

  • This was an update of Dylan's 1961 song "Hard Times in the Country," which was adapted from The Bentley Brothers "Penny's Farm," a 1920s musical complaint about a rural landlord. In "Maggie's Farm," Dylan included descriptions of Maggie, her brother, her father, and her mother in successive verses.
  • Dylan recorded this at one of his first Rock sessions on January 14, 1965. He was backed by 2 electric guitarists, piano, bass, and drums.
  • Dylan's famous (some say infamous) set at the Newport Folk Festival on July 25, 1965 marks the split of Bob Dylan with the folk movement when he decided to play a set with a backing band of electric instruments. The set included three songs: "Maggie's Farm," "Like A Rolling Stone," and "Phantom Engineer."(Songfacts)

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