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Jimi Hendrix & Curtis Knight - Knock Yourself Out / Hornet,s Nest

                                  Jimi Hendrix -Curtis Knight - Henry Henderson

Jimi Hendrix spent the sunmmer of 1965 scuffling for gigs and sessions around New York and bumped in to Curtis Knight at the time he was a short of a guitar.(Jimi always losing or pawning instruments)Knight saw Jimi,s potentionel,lent him his guitar and immendiately added him into his band The Squires who played around the bars in New York and Jersey.Curtis Knight was ambitious,A better hustler than he was singer,he figured that the new gitarist would also make an impression in the studio ,so he approached Ed Chaplin ,who ran Studio76 on Broadway (John Perry)

                                                       Knock Yourself Out

 Ed Chaplin: In almost 40 year al producer and manager ,i have at most,taken eight acts under contract.
The had to be something special.One of them was Jimi Hendrix.Jima was to play,sing and aranged for me exclusifely The contract was signed in the Hotel America on the night of 15th okt.1965

                                          Hornet,s Nest

Recorded by Ed Chaplin  for PPX Recordings Oktober/December 1965
Hornet,s Nest and  Knock Yourself Out issued as single in the early 1966

                                          Curtis & Jimi

In September 1966 departs Jimi to England, the beginning of wonderful but too short career, the rest is history...................................

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