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woensdag 28 juli 2010

Ben Keith (1937-2010)

Ben Keith: 1937 - 2010
Bridge Benefit Concert 2008
Photo by Craig Abaya

Ben Keith, Neil Young's long time band mate and dear friend, has passed away. Ben was 73.

Ben Keith, was a multi-talented musician who Neil Young first met in Nashville in February 1971 when Neil was recording the multi-platinum LP Harvest. Legend has it that Neil asked bassist Tim Drummond if he knew any pedal-steel players in town. Tim contacted Ben, who lived in town and off he went to the studio: "I didn't know who anyone was, so I asked, who's that guy over there?" and was told "that's Neil Young".

"They were already recording [Harvest] at the time," Keith said in the 2005 concert movie Heart of Gold. "I set up my steel and kind of snuck in there and started playing and we did five songs before we ever stopped and introduced ourselves."

Words (in memory of Ben Keith)

Ben speelde mee op de volgende Neil Young albums;
s Harvest, "Journey Through The Past", "Time Fades Away", "On The Beach", Tonight's the Night, "American Stars 'n' Bars", Comes A Time, "Hawks 'n' Doves", "Old Ways", "Freedom",Harvest Moon, "Silver and Gold", Prairie Wind, "Chrome Dreams II", and the live albums "Unplugged" and "Road Rock Vol. 1".

Vorig jaar zagen we Ben nog in aktie tijden het prachtige Neil Young concert in Antwerpen .

(foto Arthur)Ben links op gitaar.

Ben Keith R.I.P

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