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dinsdag 1 mei 2018

Peter Banks feat.Jan Akkerman - Two Sides of Peter Banks

                                                     Peter Banks                                Jan Akkerman

For Two Sides of Peter Banks, the ex-guitarist from Yes gathered an impressive group of guest musicians, including Genesis' Phil Collins and Steve Hackett and King Crimson's John Wetton. Most importantly, the whole album was written and recorded with Netherlands guitarist Jan Akkerman (of Focus)

                 Battles - Last Eclips - Beyond the Loniest Sea - Stop That - Get Out of my Fridge

                  Peter Banks / electric and acoustic guitar, ARP, Minimoog, and Fender piano
                  Jan Akkerman / electric guitar (1,4,6,8,9), acoustic guitar (7)
                  Ray Bennett / bass guitar (3-5,8,9)
                  Phil Collins / drums (4,5,8,9)
                  Steve Hackett / electric guitar (5)
                  Mike Hough / drums (3)
                  John Wetton / bass guitar (5)

                                                       Peter Banks 
                                              Born:15, 1947, Chipping Barnet, London -
                                              Died:07, 2013, Chipping Barnet, London

 Peter William Brockbanks, known professionally as Peter Banks, was an English guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and producer. He was best known as the original guitarist in the rock bands the Syn, Yes, Flash, and Empire. Former Sniffin' Glue and NME journalist Danny Baker described Banks as "the architect of progressive music

Peter,s opinion about Jan Akkerman

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