maandag 4 september 2017

Lucinda Willams - OLT Rivierenhof Antwerpen (8-31-2017)

      7 jaar geleden zag ik Lucinda Williams in dit prachtige openluchttheater optreden,en deze avond deed ze het nog een keer over.Ook nu weer een mooi optreden,een regenbuitje tussendoor mocht de pret niet drukken.Ook Lucinda had het naar haar zin ,dit is wat ze schreef op FB.

      There was some debate about whether we played in the world's diamond capital of Antwerp before, the band was saying yes -and after some intense (not really) online research they were proven correct.(L.W.)

Not only had we played Antwerp in July of 2009 but we had played the same beautiful Openluchttheater Rivierenhof, so we got all that squared away. Lu really love the sound on stage, so the technical problems of the night before in Amsterdam were completely behind us. This one did have a rather unusual ending.(L.W)

                                                     All day long they had been telling that it was a hard curfew so we were careful to make the setlist go right up to the final minute - and actually a couple minutes. After Lu and the band had left the stage and headed toward the dressing room - and with the boisterous crowd now not wanting leave - one of the production managers came over and said “one more” (L.W)

So we went to see if we could get everybody together to go back out and do another song. About this time the house lights came up and the after show music had started and some people had started to leave - but most of the audience was still there. We had to go get David back from the dressing room but we managed to get everybody back quickly and back on stage for a rollicking version of Get Right With God - and people who had begun leaving came back down to the front of the stage. A crazy ending to a great night in Antwerp we’ll definitely remember this one! (L.W)

De Setlist with some footage.
1 Steal Your Love
2 Protection

3 Pineola
4 Drunken Angel 
5 Doors Of Heaven

                                          6 Ghost Of Highway 20
7 Lake Charles
8 Sweet Old World
9 Change The Locks
10 Out Of Touch

 11 Foolishness
12 Honey Bee
13 Joy

Get Right With God.

The end of a wonderful evening,Lucinda and band Thanks!!!

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