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Ben Poole - live at t,Beest (15 April 2017)

    foto Arthur
Tweede keer dat ik Ben Poole zag optreden.Vorig jaar in het oude t,Beest,en deze keer in een volledig vernieuwd PopPodium t,Beest. Of Ben hierdoor geinspereerd was weet ik niet maar het werd een geweldig optreden.Gitaarwerk van uitmuntende klasse,begeleid door een prima band.Als dit voorbode is van de toch al meestal prima programmering gaan de Zeeuwse muziekliefhebbers mooie tijden tegemoed.

Ben Poole - The Might Never Come (t,Beest... door  morrisanddylan

Dedicatet to Gary Moore

Album "Time Has Come"

   foto Arthur


“F***ing amazing! I loved his playing…I really loved his playing!” -Jeff Beck
“A Really great player!” -Gary Moore
“Unbelievable! It’s very refreshing to hear someone in today’s time who reminds me of the guys who inspired me when I was young. He’ll be a household name someday for sure…Amazing!” -Richie Kotzen
“Ben really brings the fire with his licks. He’s got neck-snapping vibrato where he catches a bunch of strings at once and grinds the shit out of them. By the way he hits the guitar, we can only assume it’s been saying rude things about his mother! Ben impressed with his tone, touch and stage presence. Ben Poole: the next Joe Bonamassa?” -’Total Guitar’ magazine
“A fleet fingered and talented newcomer to the British blues scene. His playing may be ferocious but he rarely sacrifices precision for it. His phrasing belies his years. Definitely one to watch.” -’Guitarist’ Magazine
“This is a young man to look out for as he is no doubt a rising talent and should be supported when he comes to a local venue.” -’Blues Matters’ Magazine
“Very good. A really fresh sound and style!” -Paul Jones (BBC Radio 2)
“Great tracks, great guitar and vocal live…one great special player!” -Bernie Torme (Ozzy Osbourne, Ian Gillan/Deep Purple)
“Blues Extravaganza! The guitar sounds were impeccable, the timing was beyond reproach and there was evidence of dynamic awareness throughout…This was no “lazy” blues offering – Ben managed to sneak in everything from country licks to Satriani-style legato widdling, yet this was never to the detriment of the overall musicality of the performance. Nice!” -Guthrie Govan

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