zondag 30 oktober 2016

MatthewsSouthernComfort - Southern Comfort

Het mooie optreden Iain Matthews met Plainsong  in Theater de Wegwijzer was aanleiding om terug te kijken naar wat eerder werk van Iain.Naast Fairport Convention,Plainsong ,zijn vele solowerk ,was er natuurlijk ook nog die andere band ,Matthews Southern Comfort.Ik vond in mijn verzameling het prachtige album "The Best Off Southern Comfort"van deze band, een mooie overzicht van het beste werk van deze formatie.Het meest bekend is natuurlijk "Woodstock" geschreven door Joni Michell maar ik koos voor onderstaand nummer.

                   Southern Comfort
This UK band was formed by former Fairport Convention singer/guitarist Iain Matthews (b. Ian Matthew McDonald, 16 June 1946, Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England), and was named after his 1969 debut for MCA Records. Comprising Matthews, Mark Griffiths (guitar), Carl Barnwell (guitar), Gordon Huntley (pedal steel guitar), Andy Leigh (bass) and Ray Duffy (drums), the newly formed band signed to EMI Records. The unit’s country-tinged sound proved to be an excellent forum for Matthews’ songwriting talents. In the summer of 1970, their second album, Second Spring reached the UK Top 40 and was followed by a winter chart-topper, ‘Woodstock’. Joni Mitchell wrote the single as a tribute to the famous festival that she had been unable to attend. Already issued as a single in a hard rocking vein by Crosby, Stills, Nash And Young, it was a surprise UK number 1 for Matthews Southern Comfort. Unfortunately, success was followed by friction within the band and, two months later, Matthews announced his intention to pursue a solo career. One more album followed after which the band truncated their name to Southern Comfort. After two further albums, they disbanded in the summer of 1972.(ALLMUSIC)

Fairport Convention (feat.Iain Matthews)

Fairport Convention Bouton Rouge Sessions (feat Iain Matthews)

 Ad vanderVeen -Kersten DeLigney -Iain Matthews

 Iain Matthews &The Searing Quartet

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