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Juzzy Smith

In de jaren 60 maakte ik in mijn geboorteplaats Middelburg voor het eerst kennis met een z.g "One Man Band" De man noemde zich Koperen Ko(vanwege zijn koperen hoofddeksel),speelde accordeon en bediende met een vernuftig systeem een grote trommel op zijn rug.Als kind vond ik het prachtig om dat te zien.Later kwam ik nog meer vormen van One Man Bands tegen,de een beter dan de andere, en vorig jaar zag ik nog en prachtige One Woman Band ,Therese Anderson,ook erg goed.Deze Juzzy Smith is een prachtig voorbeeld van een One Man Band,ik kwam hem op het spoor via zwager Willem,zelf  een prima bluesharpist.

 Juzzie Smith on the  lapslide guitar, harmonica, shaker and Wazinator KSB319 acoustic stomp box live at Wazinator Studios. Composition -The Keys - from the album Taking Time Out

  Juzzie Started playing the harmonica at 13. By 23 he had won the coveted Golden Harmonica at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, and the Byron Bay Blues Blowout twice. He has in the course of his musical journey embraced and mastered a range of instruments, and absorbed influence from some diverse musical styles. Juzzie has played in a lot of bands, some fantastic and some forgettable, and performed with some of Australia’s best musicians, including John Butler, Damon Davies, Jodi Martin and Jeff Lang.

Train Ride

Juzzie performs original songs with a completely original sound. Juzzie really began to take shape as a solo performer in early 2003, after the birth of his oldest child Olive.


 Tired of late nights gigging in smoky pubs, Juzzie quit the band he was playing with at the time, and began to busk at the local markets around his home on the North Coast of NSW. It was around this time that he finished recording his second solo album, Goodvibes, decided to buy an old school bus, packed up his little family and took off on a busking tour of Australia.
They soon dropping the ‘s’ and ‘h’ from the school bus and made it the ‘cool bus’ and began a great journey into music. Juzzie travelled North through Darwin and then down through WA.

Met John Butler

He started off playing to crowds of fifty or so and collecting enough coin to pay for fuel, whilst continually refining his songs, his instruments and his performance. By the time they arrived on the streets of Perth Juzzie was pulling crowds of hundreds of people at a time, busking was starting to look like a viable career option. 

Juzzy SmithKoperen Ko
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