donderdag 16 september 2010

Neil Young ,,Angry World ,, Premiere

“Angry World” makes good on the title of Neil Young’s forthcoming Daniel Lanois-produced solo album, Le Noise. The sludgy track lays Young’s thoughts on bankers and the ages of darkness/light over a fuzzed-out noisy crunch, vocal loops. As Young promised, it’s “very electric.” It’s also very mellow, considering the ire. This shadowy b&w video for the song pairs well with the Le Noise album art. Probably because it’s an excerpt of a film he’s releasing with the album (as a CD/DVD). The footage was shot by Adam CK Vollick in Lanois’s house. As you’ll note, some of it’s Young recording the song live in the studio, but there’s a lot more going on outside that window.
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