zondag 6 januari 2019

Pot-Ent (Polydor Sampler 1970)

Sunday afternoon old LP, running, fun activity. So I came across this compilation album again, a look back at the more or less progessive rock music from the 70,s

                                                   Stone The Crow -Blind Man

                                                                        Side One
                                         1 The Who - Young Man Blues ,album "Live at Leeds"


                                          2 Golden Earring - Wall Of Dolls ,album "Golden Earring"

                                        3 Sabicas with Joe Beck - Inca Song,album "Rock Encounter"

                                       4 Steeplechase - Lady Bright ,album "Lady Bright"

                                        5 Ten Wheel Drive - Stay With Me .album "Brief Replies"

                                             6 Eric Clapton - Let It Rain ,album "Eric Clapton""

                                                                             Side Two

                     1 Eric Burdon & War - Tobacco Road ,album "Eric Burdon declares "War"

                                    2 Sweet Thursday - The Dealer ,album "Sweet Thursday"

                                      3 Stone The Crows - Blind Man ,album "Stone The Crows"

                                              4 Armaggedon - People Talking, album "Armageddon"

                                5 Ginger Baker,s Airforce - Doin It, album "Ginger Baker,s Airforce"




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