dinsdag 12 december 2017

Neil Young & Booker T & the M.G,s - Separate Ways (Torhout Belgium 1993 )

                  NEIL YOUNG                                                             STEVE CROPPER

In 1993, Neil Young collaborated with Booker T and the MGs for a summer tour of Europe and North America.
  I saw two performances in this line-up, one in Ahoy Rotterdam (Holland) and one in Torhout (Belgium) Two very special performances ..

  "Separate Ways"

Steve Cropper Guitar,Jim Keltner Drums,Donald"Duck"Dun Bass,Astrid Young,Annie Stocking Vocals

 "I won't apologize
The light shone from in your eyes
It isn't gone,
It will soon come back again.
Though we go our separate ways
Lookin' for better days

And I'm feeling better now,
a lot more alive somehow,
my heart is open
and my love comes pouring through.""

 Houston Chronicle critic Marty Racine, who saw the show… in Houston, was also impressed. Praising the Cropper/Young guitar interplay, he wrote, “Due to a restless muse and a repertoire three decades long, Young’s oldest music sounded ever poignant. And thanks to his able backup, the songs were served well. In the land of Noise, that combination made the loudest impact of all.”
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