zaterdag 4 juni 2011

Rev.Gary Davis (Part 2)

Geb.30 April 1896 - Overleden 5 Mei 1972
An Amazing Guitarist and an Remarkable Person

Ik had al eerder enkele stukjes over Rev Gary Davis op mijn blog.Deze week kwam ik op het prachtige weblog DEEP BLUES deze mooie beelden van de dominee tegen.Een compleet miniconcertje in twee delen,prachtig!!

"In the late 1960's, the Seattle Folklore Society and KCTS public television
video taped various acts that came through town."

Rev.Gary Davis (1)

"He was the most fantastic guitarist I'd ever seen." -Dave Van Ronk

Rev.gary Davis (2)

"More than three decades after his death, the influence of Reverend Gary Davis can still be felt.
As each new generation is introduced to blues, folk, and other forms of traditional American music,
Davis' signature guitar stylings and heartfelt vocals continue to move, entertain, and educate." - Paul Andersen

"Rev. Davis taught me, by example, to completely throw out my preconceptions of what can or can't be done on the guitar."
-Bob Weir (of the Grateful Dead)

"Gary Davis took you out of playing baby guitar and made you play it like a grown man." -Taj Mahal

"In Davis we encounter a complete musician, a composer aware of all musical details, exploring new possibilities. Davis has not been acclaimed as Robert Johnson, yet he alone brought many traditions to culmination through an artistry which surpassed nearly all others during his lifetime." -Allan Evans

Reverend Gary Davis Home Page

Reverend Gary Davis - Death Have No mercy

Reveren Gary Davis (part1)


Rev Gary Davis - Twelve Gates To The City
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