woensdag 17 februari 2010

Willy DeVille "Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl":

Willy DeVille said about the song "Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl": "I know Mick Jagger likes it. It's about a woman I know who was drug addict. She was mixed up and she was shook up. That's what it's about."

In liner notes to the 2001 compilation album Cadillac Walk: The Mink DeVille Collection, Ben Edmonds relates how Mick Jagger dropped by the Hollywood recording studio where Jack Nitzsche was producing Cabretta:

Jack had assisted on several Stones sessions, and it was his collaboration with Jagger on "Memo from Turner" that had me connect him with Mink DeVille in the first place. Jack put on a reel to show off his present work. Jagger listened to a couple of songs with polite disinterest, nodding approvingly to "Cadillac Walk." But when "Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl" came rolling out of the playback monitors, Jagger was immediately out of his seat and moving to its bittersweet mid-tempo rhythms. He danced with a grace one seldom sees in his herky-jerk stage performances, enveloped in the music and oblivious to the rest of us in the room... It couldn't have been more perfect if I'd dreamed it

dinsdag 16 februari 2010

Lonnie Mack & Carlos Santana -Live at the Sweetwater Bar Mill Valley U.S.A 30 Oktober 1991

                                                Lonnie Mack & Carlos Santana

Meestal zien we Carlos en zijn band in de grote stadions ,leuk om hem ook eens in een kleinere club aan het werk te zien

Blues for Salvador
De altijd kalme Lonnie Mack en de immer drukke en nerveuze Carlos Santana ,een mooie combinatie.

Deze show is 2 dagen na de begravenis van Bill Graham(kwam om het leven bij helicopter crash op 25 Oktober 1991)

Trail of Tears

The Band:
Carlos Santana,Billy Johnson,Tony Lindsay,Karl Perazzo,Raul Rekow,Benny Rietveld,
Chester Thompson

Lonnie Mack ( Lonnie McIntosh, 18 July 1941, Dearborn County, Indiana) is een rock en blues gitarist/vocalist. Speelde naast zijn solocarriere samen met o.a The Doors, Stevie Ray Vaughan, James Brown, Freddie King, Joe Simon, Ronnie Hawkins, Albert Collins, Roy Buchanan, Dobie Gray Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup, en vele anderen.

Devadip Carlos Santana (Autlan de Navarro, 20 juli 1947)
Zag de goeie man voor het eerst,,live,,op die mooie vrijdagmiddag in het Kralingse bos in Rotterdam (1970)onvergetelijk!!