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Bob Dylan - Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee 8/9 November 1994

1994 was een mooi jaar in "The Never Ending" tour.Hoogtepunten dat jaar, het prachtige optreden tijdens "The Great Music Experience"nabij de Todiji Tempel in Japan.Woodstock 94,Unplugged voor MTV ,en zeker ook dit optreden in het mooie Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.
Mooie setlist,Bob uitstekend bij stem,en op gitaar(toen nog wel)
The band :
Bucky Baxter (pedal-steel guitar/mandolin)-Tony Garnier (bass)-John Jackson (guitar)
 Winston Watson (drums)

                    "Mr Tambourin Man" (Bring it all back home)

 Bucky Baxter
In studio, or while performing live, Baxter has played steel guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, dobro, and/or organ, as well as other instruments. Baxter played pedal steel guitar for Bob Dylan's band on his Never Ending Tour from 1992 to 1999 and played pedal steel on Dylan's 1997 Grammy Award winning album, Time out of Mind.

                                          Masters Of War
 "Masters of War" is a song by Bob Dylan, written over the winter of 1962–63 and released on the album The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan in the spring of 1963.The song's melody was adapted from the traditional "Nottamun Town". Dylan's lyrics are a protest against the Cold War arms build-up of the early 1960s.

 Tony Garnier
(born Saint Paul, Minnesota, August 18, 1956) is an American bassist (both double bass and bass guitar), best known as an accompanist to Bob Dylan, with whom he has played since 1989. He is Dylan's longest-running sideman, and has sometimes been characterized as his "musical director" as well.

                                           Ballad Of A Thin Man

 "Ballad of a Thin Man" is a song written and recorded by Bob Dylan, and released as the final track on Side One of his sixth album, Highway 61 Revisited in 1965.

Winston Watson (Drums)
performed 400 shows with Bob Dylan over five years, traveling the world 10 times over. Watson energized Dylan fans and Bob Dylan himself with his joyful and dynamic drumming style, as he helped launch Dylan's "Never Ending Tour" in 1992 that continues to this day

                                              It Ain,t me Babe
 "It Ain't Me Babe" is a song by Bob Dylan that originally appeared on his fourth album Another Side of Bob Dylan, which was released in 1964 by Columbia Records.

John Jackson
Guitarist from Nashville, Tennessee.
Toured with Bob Dylan (1991-96) and then Lucinda Williams.
Currently with Shelby Lynne. 
The Never Ending Tour is the popular name for Bob Dylan's endless touring schedule since June 7, 1988

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