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dinsdag 29 januari 2019

Van Morrison - And the Healing Has Begun (album Into The Music)

 Into the Music is the 11th studio album by Northern Irish singer-songwriter Van Morrison, and was released in August 1979. The record received widespread acclaim that year, and was named by critics as one of the year's best albums.

And the healing has Begun
Live at the Hollywood Bowl 21 April 2006

John Allair,Robin Aspland-keyboards,Crawford Bell - Acoustic guitar,trumpet,backing vocals
Cindy Cashdollar-steelguitar,Ned Edwards - guitar.David Hayes -bass,Kate Kissoon-backingvocals,
Jason Robert -violin. Neil Wilkinson -drums.

Biographer Brian Hinton calls it the central song in the album and perhaps in Morrison's whole career: "It starts just like 'Cyprus Avenue', no coincidence as the line about 'songs from way back when' hints, and with a walk down the avenue (of dreams), to the sound of a haunted violin. A song of full, blazing sex as well as revelation. The healing here is like that in Arthurian myth, the wounded King restored through the action of the Holy Grail, but it is also through as graphic a seduction, almost, as the original live version of "Gloria"'.
Author Clinton Heylin concludes that "what makes the song, and indeed Into the Music work is its self-awareness. Gone is the awkward self-consciousness... It is replaced by a newly assured tone, born of a genuine awareness of what he (Morrison) was attempting

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Vanfan zei

Ja Arthur, ook een mooie uitvoering. Iets langzamer, maar deze uitvoering wordt vooral gedragen door de pedalsteel en de viool.