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zaterdag 18 mei 2019

Taj Mahal - Fillmore East, February, 1971

        © Amalie R. Rothschild, 1971

 Taj Mahal- vocals, harmonica, banjo, National steel guitar, fife; John Hall- electric guitar; John Simon - piano; Howard Johnson - tuba, baritone saxophone, horn arrangements; Bob Stewart - tuba, flugelhorn, trumpet; Joeseph Daly - tuba, valve trombone; Early McIntyre - tuba, bass trombone; Bill Rich - bass; Greg Thomas - drums; Kwasi "Rocky" DziDzournu - Congas

  © Amalie R. Rothschild, 1971

"You Ain't No Streetwalker Mama, Honey But I Sure Do Love The Way You Strut Your Stuff."

 The relaxed groove continues on Taj Mahal's original "Big Kneed Girl," before the group pulls out all the stops by wrapping up the set with "You Ain't No Streetwalker Mama, Honey But I Sure Do Love The Way You Strut Your Stuff." This is the prime example of Taj and the group's dynamic control, as over the course of this extended jam, the group often plays softly and sparsely, making the louder passages even more exciting and dramatic. Everyone makes a strong contribution, but the standout musician may be pianist John Simon, who has played brilliantly throughout the set. In many ways, he is the glue that helps this unusual configuration jell so well on stage. This number also features more superb blues harp from Taj before it quietly dissolves signaling the end of the set.

     "Diving Duck Blues."

The Fillmore East audience has no intention of letting things end here and their enthusiastic response entices Taj and the group back for an encore. Just shy of being complete due to tape stock running out, this features the entire group tackling Sleepy John Estes' "Diving Duck Blues." A song originally recorded for Taj's debut album, this is an altogether more exciting performance, fueled by Johnson's great horn arrangements and standout contributions from Simon and Hall, whose piano and lead guitar work respectively, are both outstanding. . (Bershaw)

zondag 12 mei 2019

Tom Waits at Teatro Ariston, San Remo, Italy (1986-11-22)

Tom Waits, geboren als Thomas Alan Waits (Pomona (Californiƫ), 7 december 1949) is een Amerikaans zanger, componist, schrijver en acteur. Zijn stem kan omschreven worden als een lage, rauwe, bijna grommende stem, en soms hees fluisterend.

Prachtig optreden van Tom Waits tijden het San Remo festival van 1986.
In het mooie Teatro Ariston speelde hij ,alleen begeleid door bassist Greg Cohen een selectie uit zijn reptoire.Hier een paar van mijn persoonlijke favorieten..

Downtown Train

"Downtown Train" komt van het album Rain Dogs uit 1985.

Rod Stewart nam een cover versie en bereikte hiermee een 3e plaats in the Billboard Hot 100,nummer 1 in Canada en de top 10 in the UK Singles Chart 1990.
Ook artiesten als Mary Chapin Carpenter,Patty Smyth Everything But the Girl en Bob Seger coverden het nummer

Jersey Girl

Waits schreef dit nummer samen met zijn toekomstige vrouw Kathleen Brennan,die in New Jersey gewoond had.

Waits vertelde in een interview uit 1980 "I never thought I would catch myself saying 'sha la la' in a song ... This is my first experiment with 'sha la la.'"

On the Nickel (Korte versie)Hieronder de complete tekst

.....It says sticks and stones can break my bones but I always will be true And when your mama's dead and gone, I'll sing this lullaby just for you What becomes of all the little boys who never comb their hair They're lined up all around the block on the nickel over there And if you chew tobacco and wish upon a star You'll find out where the scarecrows sit, now they just look like punch lines between the cars And I know a place where a royal flush can never beat a pair And even Thomas Jefferson is on the nickel over there So ring around the rosy, sleepin' in the rain You're always late for supper man you let me down again I thought I heard a mockingbird, Roosevelt knows where. I'm whistling past the graveyard, and they're on the nickel over there So what becomes of all the little boys who run away from home The world keeps gettin' bigger once you get out on your own But you never know how rich you are, you haven't got a prayer It's heads you win and tails they lose, You're on the nickel and you're over there...

(Looking For)Heart of Saturday Night

Komt van het gelijknamige album ,misschien wel een van zijn mooiste..

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