vrijdag 25 april 2014

The Rolling Stones - Love In Vain

Love In Vain (album Let It Bleed)
Maybe my favorite Stones Song?

 "Love in Vain" is a 1937 blues song written by Robert Johnson.

Keith Richards: "For a time we thought the songs that were on that first album were the only recordings Robert Johnson had made, and then suddenly around '67 or '68 up comes this second bootleg collection that included Love in Vain. Love in Vain was such a beautiful song. Mick and I both loved it, and at the time I was working and playing around with Gram Parsons, and I started searching around for a different way to present it, because if we were going to record it there was no point in trying to copy the Robert Johnson style or ways and styles. We took it a little bit more country, a little bit more formalized, and Mick felt comfortable with that."

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