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Neil Young, 5 New Songs live!

Neil Young Live Madison Square N.Y.C 15-12-2008


Behind the Wheel

From Music Review - Neil Young - Songs Old and New From a Familiar Face at Madison Square Garden - NYTimes.com By NATE CHINEN:
"At 63 Mr. Young is a figure of blunt efficiency himself, and a man comfortable with his own contradictions. Here in the first of two tour-ending New York shows, he presented himself not only as a stubbornly craggy survivor but also as an avid early adapter, a holdout hippie idealist, an evenhanded pragmatist and a sharp-eyed cynic."

Hit the Road

Neil Young, Wilco / Dec. 15, 2008 / New York (Madison Square Garden) - Billboard.com by Lavinia Jones Wright:
"The floor of the Garden was almost completely cleared of seats to accommodate a standing audience, and the thousand fans who were devoted enough to stand for four hours straight were rewarded with an experience so intimate it seemed unreal. When Young finally took the stage in a paint-splattered blazer and Frank Zappa [ED: Emiliano Zapata] t-shirt, diving immediately into a fuzzed-out, energized of 'Love and Only Love,' it felt like being transported back in time to a crowded club."

Full Line
New York - Live: Neil Young at Madison Square Garden - Sound of the City - Village Voice by Jesse Jarnow:
"Pity the bros stuck in the assigned seats 'cause down on the Madison Square Garden floor, it was a real rock show. While Neil Young shredded and warbled for two-and-a-half hours, dudes passed out down there (one during the stoner-doom jam of 'Cortez the Killer') and security guards sang along. Also Pity the bros confined comatosely to their chairs because the pace of Young's night--silver shrapnel jams from an eight-foot (!) Magnatone amp, classic strums, and long stretches of plodding songs about fuel-efficient cars--was well-served by being able to wander. That's exactly what Young did musically with his non-Crazy Horse combo."

Light a Candle

Neil Young’s Journey Through the Past Takes a Detour: Culture and Celebrity: vanityfair.com by Michael Hogan:
"Needless to say, Young didn’t skimp on the classics during his protean three-hour set. (“We went long, but that’s O.K.,” he said toward the end. Tomorrow morning’s coming and there’s nothing we can do about it.”) Sticking mainly with Old Black, his beloved 1953 Les Paul, and playing through an amp the size of a small building, he blasted through “Powderfinger” and “Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)” in all their crunching glory and summoned hypnotizing sequences of bent and serrated notes on solo-heavy jams like “Cortez the Killer” and “Cowgirl in the Sand.” For anyone who has ever picked up a guitar, it was a seminar in how to combine technical prowess with the loose-muscled spontaneity that keeps rock ‘n’ roll from ever dying."

Just Singing a Song

EARVOLUTION: Young At Heart: Neil Young At Madison Square Garden By: David Schultz:
Time has taken nothing from the feisty Canadian. Numerous times during Monday night's show, Young bounded away from the microphone and careened across the stage, his guitar going through wild tremors as if trying to escape his grasp. No one would ever mistake Young’s voice for another but his incisive and defiant guitar style can be heard constantly in the artists that followed him. On “Cinnamon Girl,” “Cortez The Killer” and “Powderfinger,” Young reestablished himself as the Godfather of Grunge and the ancestor that atop the family trees of bands like My Morning Jacket and Dead Confederate.


From New York City Concert Reviews:
"In between Wilco and Neil, I took advantage of all the people scrambling and moved from the 200 level down to a third row seat right at stage right. I was about 100 feet from Neil. The magnetic pull was trying to take me right on stage but metal bars blocked the way. Luckily, Neil must of felt the magnetic pull. During Cinnamon Girl, he came over to the side of the stage and rocked out the ending screaching notes of cinnamon girl. The couple of people in front of me didnt even bother to get up as I stood up and just got pulled towards old black. I just gave every ounce of energy I had as I slipped into a surreal mental state. My arms started doing these helicopter spins and my eyes were just popping out of my eyes. It did not take long for Neil to spot me and once he saw I was giving him everything I had he gave everything he had right back. His eyes locked in on me he just kept feeding the high pitched solo to me right in front of me. My arms kept just kept revolving at the speed of light as I signaled to Neil to keep it coming. I can't really compare the experience to anything that I have ever experienced before."

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